Perfecting Your Craft

perfectingI thought this was a great video! I was totally blown away by how well this guy, Danny, rides a bike! I ride, we all do, but I would never even try to ride across a fence. He probably has some natural talent, but I’m sure he has spent more time riding then we have. Along with that he’s probably fallen off a bike more then all of us combined. Then I thought about design, and how this applies. Your abilities may stand out to non designers, because of the extra time you’ve dedicated to sketching, modeling, and problem solving, but what makes your work standout among other designers or even designs? Simple, it’s how well you ride the bike. Just like the video, you need a little natural talent, and a whole lot of time “riding.” Don’t forget the failures either (you can’t be afraid to fail). People will watch you try different solutions and designs, maybe even laugh, but when you succeed you’ll look like a genius. The reason why, because you’re willing to try things others won’t, and due to the amount of time you put in you’ll find the solution.

  1.  A little natural talent
  2. Amazing courage
  3. Hours, and hours of “riding”
  4. Persistence after failure

              = Perfected Craft


4 Responses to “Perfecting Your Craft”

  1. That guy is sick. Fakie wheelie to stop and wheelie forward? thats technical stuff. WHat was even crazier was the whips.. sick.

  2. Zack Loucks says:

    Excellent video – I’ve seen some cool trials stuff and even messed around with it myself (I’m still a beginner). But that guy’s an athlete on a number of levels!

  3. Rob says:

    Hey Zack,
    Out of all people I thought you’d enjoy this video the most.

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