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Design Quote – Leisa Reichelt

disambiguity Leisa Reichelt

Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy. -Leisa Reichelt

Leisa is a Freelance User Experience Designer & Researcher.  I’ve just started following her on twitter and have been impressed with her insights into user interactions. You can follow her blog at


Gravity, In A Design World

Don't know what but this image has always cracked me up.

Don't know why, but this image has always cracked me up.

I can’t think of anything more deflating then an engineer or finance person telling me the design, I’ve poured my heart into, is un-manufacturable or too expensive. To get through this roadblock try comparing it to a game like tennis. You come up with a design, and send it over the “net” to be reviewed and evaluated. Your design hasn’t “scored” until the “ball” stays in their court and they agree it’s worthy of production. It’s your responsibility to not make any compromises, and maintain a level of design leadership. When your unrestrained design breaches the “box” of restrictions, you can either stand firm, or look for alternatives that meet the boundaries. If you stand firm, it requires you to resell your theme with added support and reasoning, sometimes focusing on the R.O.I. will help. If you look for alternatives, then it’s important to find those that exceed your previous concept’s level of execution.

Being a production designer is never easy, restrictions often feel like gravity pulling your ideas back down to earth, but some of the most rewarding/enjoyable designs leave us speechless. They are the ones that have some magical ability to defy gravity. I’ve always felt that our lure, as industrial designers, is to find that realistic solution for the company, yet magical-experience for the customer.

Do you find yourself compromising the original design intent often? How do you stay positive, innovative, and motivated while facing certain manufacturing restrictions?


Excuse The Mess

Please excuse the mess.

You’ll probably notice a new layout here, and may even notice things changing or moving from day to day. Eventually the dust will settle, I promise. I’ve changed things around a bit to accommodate some of my goals and vision for expanding. This site was created as a place for me to work on my writing (and it needs a lot), share some of my views on industrial design, and most importantly become closer to you, the design community. My hope is that this new format will assist, please feel free to give feedback anytime. I’m always more interested in your thoughts then mine.