Don’t Forget the Past

While thinking about the future, it’s sometimes easy to forget where you’ve been. What I mean by “where you’ve been” is the history of your company, and the history of your products. All in all “your history” can be summed up by the relationship your customers have with your product, in other words your reputation.

Of course your reputation could be good or bad, but if you ignore/forget it you’ll come-off looking insincere. The consumer will usually think you don’t care. If you don’t fix the past, they will hate you back. Plus if you abandon what works, they’ll hate you for that too. They’ll leave thinking, “Why did you break it?”

We’re all anxious to chart new territory, to find some design or function that’s never been created, but building on a past reputation (bad/good) is almost more important. I think, many consumers are a little insecure about buying a new product. They wonder if it’ll work, if it’ll do the job it claims, if it’ll last, do they really need it, is it really better then the cheaper version. Building on something they know will help put those worries to rest.

It may even put a smile on their face.


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