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Jason White’s Old School Viscom

I know Jason White from working at Ford. He’s an amazing designer and artist. He also just released a preview of his book, “Old School Viscom: 20 Renderings in 20 Steps”.

Old school rendering is quickly (if not already) becoming a lost art. Sure, many designers still use paper and pen to develop the initial design. But, when was the last time you started a rendering on paper and finished it on paper?

For more pics and info about pre-ordering, check out Jason’s “Old School Viscom: 20 Renderings in 20 Steps” Facebook page. Don’t forget to “Like” it.


Classic CCS Renderings, Models, and More

Here’s a fun link one of my friends posted on Facebook. It definitely made me look.

I love old school stuff, it reminds me of why I fell in love with concept cars and art.

For the full site and more images visit

Some of my favorites, below:


Sketching with the iPad

Using the iPhone to sketch with is fun, but using the iPad is a little closer to the real thing. I told myself I would wait until the next one came out, didn’t last very long. I broke down this weekend and picked it up. Now I’m kicking myself that I waited. Using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro feels (may even look) like the first time I used a stylus with Photoshop – like a kid in a candy shop. This thing will never leave my side.

Link to app on iTunes.


Link Day

Here’s just a few links I stumbled upon throughout the past week. Thought you might enjoy them too. The first has a few additional links of it’s own, the others are designers I’ve found through Twitter and other sites.







Friday Follow

Friday, usually is a day where Twitter users recommend someone they follow to those that follow them. I’m posting my Follow Friday here, just for fun. I started a small list of Industrial Designers on Twitter, you’re welcome to follow the list or pick individuals out. If you’re not on the list (and you’re a designer) don’t get offended, I just haven’t added you yet. Let me know in the comments section or by email, and I’ll add you right away.