It’s Been Fun

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all those that subscribed to my blog and read my posts. It meant a lot. I won’t be posting here anymore, looking to simplify life a bit.

Thanks again for the time you took out of your day to stop by.

Wish you all the best on your industrial design endeavors.


Link Day

Here’s just a few links I stumbled upon throughout the past week. Thought you might enjoy them too. The first has a few additional links of it’s own, the others are designers I’ve found through Twitter and other sites.

1. http://www.designjuices.co.uk/2010/09/industrial-design-roundup-august/

2. http://www.coroflot.com/hugob

3. http://carindesign.carbonmade.com/

4. http://rbrt.se/

5. http://www.aissalogerot.com/#/projects/lampadair/


The New 2011 Ford Explorer

If any of you missed it, Ford released their new Explorer yesterday. They did the reveal in both LA and NYC, but if you couldn’t attend in person you could watch via Facebook. I thought the new design turned out great, but more importantly I was excited for all the close friends who worked on it. They spent a few years on it, and I’m sure they’re excited to finally talk about it.

Great job, you guys!

For a complete gallery check Autoblog


I’m On Facebook

I have a Facebook page now! Yes, believe it. Lately, I’ve been getting re-addicted to that little blue web-app. It’s such an easy way to connect with others, and share things. So, I’m super geeked to start using it with a focus on Industrial Design. I’ll be adding portfolio pieces, and sharing everything I learn or find related to Industrial Design. So, come join the fun…  click to visit Rob Jensen Design’s Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” it too.

Also, you’ll notice I’m now sporting the new and improved Wibiya toolbar below. It’s pretty sweet. You can click the YouTube button and watch my channel. I’ll be constantly adding new videos I find or create, relating to Industrial Design (mostly). There’s also a Facebook button you can click, to get a quick glance of what’s happening on my new page.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Rob Jensen Design Facebook


Getting A Design Job | IDSA

Any student or job hunting professional will benefit from giving this PDF a read. It’s a collection of job hunting articles published in IDSA’s INNOVATION magazine.

Thanks RitaSue Siegel (author)!

Design is the profession that can change the quality of life within our society. IDSA, the Industrial Designers Society of America, is the strongest voice for design in the world. We are your advocate and we are here to help you in your career—right from the beginning.

via Getting A Design Job | IDSA.


Product Design Hub, Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks to Product Design Hub, for a little link love.

If you haven’t checked out Product Design Hub and your a product designer, what have you been doing online? It’s a great resource, and worth subscribing too.


5 Must See TED Videos for Industrial Designers

TED is a great place to watch inspiring people talk about amazing topics. Over time they have had some great speeches on design, and creativity. Here are some of my favorites, ones I think every Industrial Designer should watch.


Designing Space and Matter

Another great site for inspiration.

This one has another fun twist, it’s called Architizer. It’s a social network for architects to upload design projects. Many designer’s, though they may design toothbrushes, look to buildings and environments for inspiration. Thought you might enjoy this one, too.

Designing products, is just as much about organizing space as it is about organizing matter. What better place to study the design of space then architecture.

Let me know what you think.


A New Favorite Blog

As a designer, I’m always looking for new places to find creative inspiration. And if you’re like me, you probably have a long list of design blog subscriptions to stay on top of. Well here’s one more to add, Living With White. This blog is completely focused on finding… yes, you guessed it… white designs. I found it as a refreshing take on design blogging. Thanks, Vish & Asia.

Honestly, my RSS reader is borderline unmanageable, on the topic of design. I’m interested in your morning ritual of design blog consumption. How many sites do you keep tabs on? And how?


An Industrial Designer’s Color Palette

Color theory and picking is not always easy. For industrial designers, sometimes it’s the least of our worries, and sometimes it’s not our worry at all. The company you work for may have a whole department dedicated to the “corporate” color strategy, where they develop, test, and implement new future palettes. That being the case, it’s nice to have a few tools that will do all the thinking for you. Ok, maybe not all the thinking, but it could help inspire new palettes you wouldn’t normally choose.

The other day I came across Adobe’s Kuler, holy crap, what a great tool. It comes complete with:

  • Adobe ID login – so you can save your very own palettes of creation
  • Community of fellow palette developers
  • Rating system – great way to find trends
  • Global color trends
  • Several modes/rules to help you build a palette, such as:
  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic
  • Triad
  • You can even upload any photo to use as a starting point.

Whether for presentations, or actual product color proposals I think you’ll find this very useful, but
don’t take my word, check it out yourself. Then let me know what you think.


Another Great Portfolio Tool for Industrial Designers

behance-logoWow, it’s been little over a week since my last post, I took some time off, but vow to step it up again.

For today I thought I’d spotlight another great tool for Industrial Designers and their portfolios. Check it out, it’s a site called Behance.net. It’s free to sign up, although you do have to go through a short approval process. This place is great to network with other Industrial Designers, or just browse to find inspiring product and transportation eye-candy.

If you’re in the industrial design field and are familiar with this service, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.



Online Industrial Design Portfolio Tool

carbonmadeiconaA friend of mine forwarded a designer’s portfolio to me, and noticed they were using carbonmade.com. I’m not familiar with it, but it looked clean and easy to use, best of all it’s free. I’m looking forward to setting up my own portfolio and will give you a complete review. I would love to hear if you have used this and what you thought.



Free Autodesk Training


I was impressed to find Autodesk offering free training and software for those designers who have lost their jobs recently. What a great idea. More companies should implement this. They’re helping the economy while building their customer base. Everyone wins.

Anyways, thought I’d share.

Click here to visit the site.


Unveiling the “Sixth Sense”

pattie-maesIf you’re not familiar with TED.com I highly suggest you check it out. This is an amazing site that brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss ideas and theories about anything. I’m always impressed with each video I watch. If you haven’t seen this particular video, it’s worth the 9 mins. Pattie Maes talks about creating a “6th sense” through enabling easy interactive access to the vast amounts of knowledge streaming through the web. Minority Report was futuristic, but this is beyond… it’s portable!

To me, this brings new light to the ID world by changing our interaction with everyday objects. How does this change the way you see I.D. in the future? 



Great news! This might be old to some of you, but according to develop3d.com Autodesk will bring Alias to Mac users. For all you designers sporting two computers, one for 3d and the other for 2d this is a happy day. Check out the great article here.





Yes, I do plan to update this section with my own tips, but here is a great site offering video tutorials on I.D. sketching. The site is idsketching.com and was created by John Muhlenkamp and Spencer Nugent. Both designers are extremely talented and work for ASTRO studios in San Francisco, CA. Check it out!



Yes this is a BMW commercial that has been around the web and back, but still a great piece of inspiration by Theo Jansen. Are you pushing the boundaries of design?



3 December logo

3 December is looking for  a new logo. The catch is you can only use Sketchbook Pro. You can download a trial version for free from their site. The winner will get a free Wacom 1 Cintiq 12 tablet! Click the link for full details, time for submissions is running out.



Do you have a great product?

If so, enter it into the IDSA competition and get a little recognition! Click the image for full details and entry forms.



Definition of an I.D.-er


Are you new to Industrial Design? Here is a very very long-winded definition of roles and responsibilities of an I.D.-er (Taken from IDSA.org). Stay tuned though, because I’ve challenged myself to apply some “Back of the Napkin” techniques to this definition. Don’t know what “Back of the Napkin” techniques are? Click this link to see related post.


Industrial design (ID) is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

Industrial designers develop these concepts and specifications through collection, analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of the client or manufacturer. They are trained to prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models and verbal descriptions.

Industrial design services are often provided within the context of cooperative working relationships with other members of a development group. Typical groups include management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists. The industrial designer expresses concepts that embody all relevant design criteria determined by the group.

The industrial designer’s unique contribution places emphasis on those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs and interests. This contribution requires specialized understanding of visual, tactile, safety and convenience criteria, with concern for the user. Education and experience in anticipating psychological, physiological and sociological factors that influence and are perceived by the user are essential industrial design resources.

Industrial designers also maintain a practical concern for technical processes and requirements for manufacture; marketing opportunities and economic constraints; and distribution sales and servicing processes. They work to ensure that design recommendations use materials and technology effectively, and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

In addition to supplying concepts for products and systems, industrial designers are often retained for consultation on a variety of problems that have to do with a client’s image. Such assignments include product and organization identity systems, development of communication systems, interior space planning and exhibit design, advertising devices and packaging and other related services. Their expertise is sought in a wide variety of administrative arenas to assist in developing industrial standards, regulatory guidelines and quality control procedures to improve manufacturing operations and products.

Industrial designers, as professionals, are guided by their awareness of obligations to fulfill contractual responsibilities to clients, to protect the public safety and well-being, to respect the environment and to observe ethical business practice.