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Maybe, you’re sick of hearing about the iPad. Me… not so much.
I’ve been debating wether or not I really need to find a place for another gadget.

My current setup looks like this:

1. iPhone

2. Macbook Pro

3. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse

It’s worked great for me, but there are a few drawbacks:

1. While it’s convenient to check email on my iPhone, I hate writing emails on it. So, most emails end up being one or two sentences.

2. Browsing the internet anywhere on my iPhone is fun, but also not ideal. It’s way too small.

3. Reading books, watching movies, and playing games is also fun on the iPhone, but it’s still too small.

4. Lugging my laptop around, although portable, is a pain.

5. My laptop is great for having some computing power in “portable mode”, but it’s still not powerful enough to work in “power-user mode” (working with large amounts of video, and high-res photos).

That’s why I could see my future setup looking more like this:

1. iPhone (maybe not, this could be a cheap flip phone)

2. iPad (still not a big fan of the name)

3. Mac Pro

I’ll have the computing power when I need it, and better usability when out-in-about.

Maybe, I just rationalized spending more money, when I really don’t need to.

How about you, do you see this product fitting in your line-up?